We are aware the not everyone enjoys a tennis match , as well as not everyone enjoys our Ring Light Contest,.

So here is another option available: our DUAL INCOME PROGRAM. 

TikTok pays content creators 2-4 cents per 1,000 views, and only approves selected accounts ( while creators must be 18 or older and their contents must be relevant to Tiktok guidelines).

For 1 million views, IF TIKTOK APPROVED, a content creator would earn between $20 and $40. How much money did you earn ?

Please inform us if you get approved and are paid by TikTok so we can work on approving you to receive dual incomes.

Yes, It's possible for us to approve and pay you equally as TikTok pays you, so every $1 you earn from Tiktok you can also get $1 extra dollar from us, or possibly $2 or $3 .

To Apply, simply send our contest manager request to start a conversation on your Automatic Payment.