As a company, we certainly need promotion; that's off course and obvious. Our team members are hard working people who choose NOT TO BE on Centrelink Support even when it was available during Covid, working hard to make rewards possible, our activities are not funded with the government's money, we reward contestants and we also pay tax to build the roads.

The need for promotion for any company is to be sure. However, believe it or not, we also aim to create growth opportunities for individuals who have never won money or earned any income from their TikTok accounts. Our goal is to provide them with positive experiences, help them become recognized personalities, and to add positive features on their track record , that is important to support their future successful careers.

The contest is modeled after a tennis tournament, where the challenge makes it fun and creates progress, experiences, skills, for players, not matter you win or lose.

We do hope these experiences, and skills can serve as a stepping stone to further successful careers.
We also will be glad to be a great reference, providing the best genuine comments to support your future growth, and we are ready to do so whenever you need this help in the future. Ultimately, as a meaningful goal, we will be proud if, through our activities, more people can see the special potential in you, leading to coming opportunities for your success progress.

With all the positive intentions, we try our best to add all possible the essentials for growth—good weather, water, and nutritious soil— but if the seed decides not to sprout into a green tree or to sprout into something else, it's not always predictable. Sometimes it's better, sometimes it's not . However, our team is determined to keep these positive intentions open and available for positive people who need them.